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Retreat center

Acommodations up to 250 people

Holy Trinity Retreat Center can accommodate two groups simultaneously.  ACTS Retreats may number 55-90 individuals and smaller groups usually number 10-25 individuals.  Both groups can be accommodated easily for all their needs.  The second large home can accommodate up to 20 individuals and has a classroom attached.  The two dorms can also accommodate 30-50 individuals.  The Kiva (Divine Mercy Chapel) can accommodate 150-200 people.  A new chapel was completed in 2015 and can be use for smaller groups.  .

As most retreats are held on the weekend we are engaged in outreach to other groups to utilize the retreat center during the week..  We are looking at offering the center to active duty military groups andtheir families to help them cope with deployment and PTSD.  We are developing therapy gardens/community gardens and construction projects to assist in this very difficult transition to non-military life.

 The main team house has a beautiful chapel and can accommodate 27+ individuals.  The chapel contains all the liturgical literature/books, priest vestments as well as all other supplies for the mass.  The chapel has been used by numerous groups who have stayed at the team house in retreat.

The newly built 7400 sq.ft. building is now being used for Candlelight services and other confirmation groups.  Plans are for holding an Art Fair and Farmers market on Sundays on a regular basis call the center for more information.  

Our Executive Chef/Director of Operations Sergio Soto offers classes throughout the year.  His specialty is French, Italian  and Mexican Cuisine. He has been in charge of the retreat center food service for the past 7-8 years.

We have developed a Soccer training complex. The Soccer Complex will focus on basic skills, goalie training, fitness and advanced training.  Coach Jose Guillen will continue developing his very powerful San Elizario Team-Mexico girls into a state and national contender.  Several of the girls have been playing in the New Mexico Olympic Development Team and in the Mexico Olympic Development Team.   

Retreat Center bookings: Ascension C. Mena, M.D. - or 915-373-8100

Call (915) 373-8100 to reserve your retreat.

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