• The Retreat Center is located in the Montana Vista community (far east El Paso). 

We can accommodate up to 200 individuals or smaller groups simultaneously.  

Holy Trinity Retreat Center Information

  • 2 Homes (accommodating up to 16 people each).      
  • 2 Dormitories (20 individuals each)
  • 43 Bedrooms (2-3 individuals per room)
  • Kiva (Divine Mercy Chapel) - can fit up to 200 people
  • Santiago Chapel
  • The "Dome" - Multi-Use Facility - 7400 sq. foot 
  • Executive Chef - Sergio Soto: holytrinitycaterers@gmail.com 

Retreat Center bookings: Ascension C. Mena, M.D. - holytrinityregistry@gmail.com or 915-373-8100

Most large retreats are held on the weekends but the Center is available during the week for other functions, as well.  Weddings, family reunions, concerts and other events will be thoughout 2017.  Military groups, Priest groups, Religious Order Sisters and other groups have held retreats in the recent past.